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John Deere WOOD CHIPPER (PTO) - catalog of spare parts

In the course of planned deforestation and removal of logs in the cleared area there remains a huge number of branches of all sizes.


Burning them in place is dangerous and irrational. It is expensive and inconvenient to export in its natural form - having a sufficiently small mass, they occupy an excessively large volume.


It is also impossible to leave them: a tree, decaying, turns into a nursery of forest pests.


Do not forget that the tree in any form is a valuable source of cellulose. Each processed branch, each knot is a new newspaper, a book page, a notebook for a schoolboy.


The crusher will help to significantly facilitate the processing of wood waste. Wood chopped directly at the place of cutting takes up little space, it is easy to transport, it is completely ready for further processing.



The industry offers wood chippers of various designs. The choice of a particular model directly depends on the amount of proposed work. Large enterprises involved in deforestation are preferable to stand-alone devices that are mounted on a tractor and are guaranteed to cope with any amount of waste. For a country house or cottage, it is rational to purchase a portable electric crusher.


There are several main types of wood crushers, each of which has its own characteristics:


disk crusher;

drum chopper;

rotary unit with vertical or horizontal shaft;

hammer crushers of various designs.


Wood chip crushers and drum shredders are great for woodworking enterprises. These units easily cope with thick branches, and if necessary, they will break whole trunks into chips. The quality of the chips, which is obtained at the exit, allows using it for the manufacture of wood boards, bypassing the stage of additional processing.


Rotary aggregates, or shredders, are ideal for the processing of wood waste construction. Wooden beams removed from destructible dilapidated buildings, boards used as formwork, as a rule, abound with various metal objects, these are self-tapping screws, staples, nails. These devices allow you to chop wood and separate it from metal.


Hammer crusher for wood is excellent for grinding finished wood chips, to bring its size to the desired fraction. The main part of the device is metal hammers on a pendulum suspension.

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