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John Deere WELDER - catalog of spare parts

The welding machine plays a major role in the welding process. For this reason, it is advisable to begin your training in the basics of welding with a welding machine. After all, the final quality of the weld depends on its proper operation.


Welding transformer is one of the oldest types of welding equipment. This unit is capable of converting voltage from an external current source into voltage for performing welding work. Simply put, it lowers the input voltage of 220V so that it can be used for welding.


The device of the welding machine transformer type includes several components. It is important for you to know about two of them - the primary and secondary windings, which are collectively called a power transformer. Hence the name of this type of welder. It is thanks to the built-in power transformer that the input voltage can be converted.


To adjust the current strength of transformer welding equipment, you must at least understand the basics of electrical engineering. Indeed, for a commonplace decrease or increase in welding current, you need to either change the inductive resistance of the entire circuit, or use thyristors. Here, it will not work just to turn the regulator to the desired current value.


This is not the only difficulty that you will encounter when working with a transformer. Firstly, such equipment only works on alternating current. And this means that the arc will burn unstably and without proper practice, you simply will not be able to form a seam. This problem is partially solved by using electrodes for alternating current.

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