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John Deere TRANSMISSION - catalog of spare parts

Tractor transmission device

In fact, a node has two basic functions. Of course, the main purpose of the mechanized unit is to transfer movement from the engine. Alternatively, the block body often complements the frame skeleton of the machine. Standard tractor transmission elements:



power take-off shafts;


front and rear drive axle;

cardan drive.

The full composition of transmission parts is much wider, but the main component is the manual transmission / automatic transmission. The module provides the nature of gear shifting, torque output to attachments via lateral PTO.


John Deere Tractor Transmission Types

The units of the American corporation are predominantly installed blocks of own production. Recent releases of John Deere devices are equipped with the following transmission variations:

mechanical - PowerSync, PowrQard Plus;

robotic - Automatic PowerShift, AutoQuad;

stepless - AutoPowr.

As you can see, the manufacturer uses all types - mechanics, a robot and a fully automatic machine. Additional transmission elements for the John Deere tractor: creeper and Efficiency Manager. The second system allows you to optimize the operation of devices according to traffic conditions.


It is installed on the lines of tractors 6M, 6R. The transmission is available in 20/20 or 24/24 versions (40K, 50K designs). These are advanced options because the 30K version has 16 forward and reverse speeds. Other PowrQuad transmission specifications:


Synchronization of all gears and ranges.

Management by means of a single-range lever. A single element combines push-button speed selection and clutch disengagement.

SoftShift Technology. The system provides the ability to smoothly change speed under load.

The addition of PowerQuad mechanics is a robotic tractor transmission device - the AutoQuad Plus model. The unit has all of the above functionality and is complemented by the EcoShift function. The technology allows a reduction in diesel engine speed up to 1580 rpm at high transport speed.


AutoPowr is an alternative to the new John Deere tractors. The unit is equally effective in transport and field work. A major improvement in AutoPowr is a faster response to load changes. Better adaptability provides increased productivity without the added expense of diesel fuel.

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