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John Deere ROTARY TILLER - catalog of spare parts

A rotary cultivator, also known as a rotary, rotary, rotary hoe, power cultivator or rotary plow (in the USA: plow), is a motorized cultivator that cultivates the soil using rotating teeth or blades. Rotary cultivators are either self-propelled or pulled out as attachments behind a two-wheeled tractor or four-wheeled tractor. For two-wheeled tractors, they are rigidly fixed and are fed through clutches with the tractor transmission. For four-wheel tractors, they are mounted using a three-point linkage and are driven by a power take-off (PTO).


A small rotational hoe for household plots was known under the Rototiller trademark, and another, created by the Howard Group, which produced a number of rotary cultivators, was known as Rotavator.



Rotary cultivators are popular with home gardeners who need large gardens. The garden can be plowed several times before planting each crop. Rotary cultivators can be rented at one-time tool rental points, for example when planting grass.

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