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John Deere PROGATOR,UTILITY VEHICLE, ATTACHMENT - catalog of spare parts

The John Deere Gator is a family of small SUVs made by John Deere Corporation. They are usually equipped with a drawer bed, similar in functions to a pickup truck. The bed can also be installed in the form of an electric blade. The Gator John Deere was manufactured in a variety of configurations with four or six wheels. Gator cars are designed for use on farms, job sites, and ranches, not as off-road vehicles. However, it can be ordered with certain off-road functions. In 1992, the car replaced the three- or five-wheeled AMT John Deere, introduced in 1987.


The Turf Vehicles series features Gator TX, Gator TE and ProGator cars. ProGators are designed for heavy farm work, while TX and TE are for niche industrial applications where quiet vehicles such as golf courses are desired. TE is an electric car.