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John Deere PLOW, CHISEL - catalog of spare parts

In the first 10 years, Deer produced and sold about 1,000 of these plows, and since 1857 his company has grown and produced almost 10,000 such products.

John Deere has a long and eventful history and today its product range includes dozens of product lines such as tractors, combines, seeders, snowplows, sprayers, cotton pickers, construction excavators and loaders, and various forestry equipment.


John Deere Technique

But besides the obvious achievements in creating perfect machines, there are some interesting facts that you probably do not know about John Deere.

Its founder had only school education. Coming from a poor rural family of a tailor, he initially entered the University of Magdeburg, but after studying there for several months, he realized that he was unable to support himself and abandoned him. Already at the age of 17, he began to work as an apprentice of a blacksmith, and only thanks to perseverance and determination he was able to achieve the heights that you can only dream of.

John Deere created his first diesel engine in 1949. This 2-cylinder, 6.8-liter engine for the Model R tractor had only 51 horsepower, but at that time it was the most powerful engine in the world.

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