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John Deere PLATFORM (CUTTING) - catalog of spare parts

The heavy duty gearbox with epicyclic blade drive provides an advanced blade drive system that increases drive power with less vibration and increased reliability.


Feature Benefit:

Provides a high level of reliability and durability.

Minimizes vibration

Fast, efficient cutting action for faster harvesting speeds

Epicyclic foot gearbox Epicyclic foot gearbox


Advanced Single Point Fixing System Advanced Single Point Fixing System

The John Deere Single Point Header System provides combine operators with a quick and easy way to connect all front equipment. With one easy movement of the lever, the electrical and hydraulic circuits are coupled with the header retainer pins.


Feature Benefit:

Reduces the time required to change headings, so more time is left for harvesting.

No tools are required to remove headers for transportation or storage.



An improved single-point locking system, starting in the 2016 model year, will include a valve assembly installed on all platforms and back sheets of the corn head. These units will include a throttle valve unique to the header type, as well as a bypass valve. Together they provide optimum performance and reliability of the header`s hydraulic functions.

Compatibility for previous reapers or combines with 2016 model year equipment is provided by applications specific to the header and combine used.


HydraFlex ™ float system improves operator control

The HydraFlex system hydraulically controls the header float by simply turning the handle in the cab. This provides exceptional header flexibility over the entire operating pressure range. Higher travel speeds can be achieved with HydraFlex, compared to conventional float systems.


Feature Benefit:

The float arms with hydraulic cylinders on each other channel replaced the mechanical connection. These cylinders provide the cutting unit with the ability to swim in uneven soils with improved operator control.

The HydraFlex platform with battery maintains constant ground pressure depending on the ground conditions. Manual mode is designed to lock the header in hard mode.


In automatic mode, the operator sets the desired pressure on the header, and the system will support this setting. If a different setpoint is required, the operator sets the encoder on the armrest plate, and the updated header float pressure reading will be displayed on the corner post display. To increase the thickness of the soil on an uneven surface, reduce the pressure on the cutting unit to make it heavy on the ground. If pushing the soil, increase the pressure on the cutting unit to make it lighter on the ground.

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