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John Deere PICKER, COTTON - catalog of spare parts


As a rule, for each puller in the form of a basket, a set of auxiliary equipment is required to achieve maximum yield:


Ball buggy

Ball buggy tractor

Build module

Tractor Builder Module

The CP690 requires only two pieces of accessories:


Cotton Frontier ™ Module Equivalent or Series Inline Tractor

These two pieces of equipment are used for end-to-end installation of modules in groups of four, so they can be picked up by a modular truck. Manufacturers and manufacturers can also flexibly transport round modules on flatbed trailers, making it possible to transport more kilograms per load to reduce transportation costs. Because the modules can be installed at any time, day or night, a single tractor and a cotton CM1100 module can support several CP690 cotton pickers.




This reduction in auxiliary equipment means less equipment and local traffic and less fuel consumption. The CP690 not only creates a simplified harvesting scheme, but also helps to reduce the frustration faced by manufacturers when faced with the need to deal with traffic on an increasing load.

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