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John Deere MATERIAL COLLECTION SYSTEM - catalog of spare parts

Purchasing a John Deere packaging system can be a bit confusing. Continue reading to learn more about what happens with John Deere packers, or go directly to our John Deere Material Collection Model Chart.


The most common John Deere lawn tractor wrapper is the 2-bag system. This 7-bushel system is suitable for John Deere 38 ″, 42 ″, and 48 ″ decks. There are several different 2-bag grass catchers suitable for specific John Deere models, so make sure you know your model before buying.


A 3-bag system is attractive because it has a larger capacity, which means fewer unloads than a 2-bag system. However, these bagger systems are only available on John Deere garden tractors, as they can support the extra weight added when fully loaded with 14 bushels. 14 bushel packers also use the Power Flow system and are only available on 48 ″, 54 ″ or 60 ″ mower decks.


John Deere Power Flow grass catchers use the Turbo Assist system to feed grass into the material bin. The large sizes of the deck cannot provide enough power to push out all the grass that they cut through the gutter. Power Flow crushes and compacts grass and goes into bags for a denser load.