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John Deere INJECTION SYSTEM - catalog of spare parts

The American company John Deere was founded in 1876. The first specialization of the company was the production of plows. Today, the company`s products are distributed everywhere - their tractors, combines, attachments can be found in any country, even on fields remote from civilization.


John Deere sprayersThe manufacturer’s technique, such as John Deere self-propelled sprayers, has also gained popularity and widespread use. Let`s consider some models in more detail.


The presented John Deere sprayer is very large, productive, efficient. Innovative computer systems Section Control provide high savings in working fluid, since it automatically turns on / off at bends or near obstacles, does not re-process the same sections. A capacious fuel tank with sufficient engine power allows you to work for a long time without refueling.


The location of the tank compared with other models is even more ergonomic, contributes to a more even distribution of weight. This property of the unit reduces compaction by soil wheels during operation. The boom sprayer is equipped with an independent adjustment system, which reduces its horizontal and vertical movements.


The unit cabin is spacious, comfortable and modern. It has a large viewing angle. Almost all control systems are automated. Also, the sprayer can make not only liquid, but also dry fertilizers. For the most efficient fertilizer or chemical application in the sprayer, the High Flow system is available, which consists of stainless strips, a high-capacity pump and nozzles.

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