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John Deere HARVESTER, ENSILAGE AND FORAGE (SELF-PROPELLED) - catalog of spare parts

Forage harvesters can be mounted equipment on a tractor or self-propelled units. In any configuration, they have either a drum (knife head) or a flywheel with several knives attached to it, which crushes and blows the silo from the trough of the combine into a car that is either connected to the combine or to another vehicle. side by side. Most large machines also have paddle accelerators to increase material speed and improve discharge characteristics. Once the car is full, it can be disconnected and delivered to the silo for unloading, and another car can be attached. Since different types of cutting equipment are required for corn and grass, there are different heads for each type of silo, and these heads can be connected and disconnected from the combine. Grass silage is usually cut before harvest so that it can wilt, and then collected from rolls with a collector (roll picker). Corn and whole silage are cut directly by the header using reciprocating knives, disc mowers or large sawtooth blades. Kernel processors (KP), modules consisting of two mill rolls with tines pressed together by powerful springs, are often used when harvesting crops such as corn and sorghum to crack the kernels of these plant heads. The processor core is installed between the cutter head and the accelerator. In most forage harvesters, KP can be quickly removed and replaced with a grass catcher to grind non-cereal crops.