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John Deere GRAPPLE - catalog of spare parts


Fights, tricks, maneuvers and tokens applied to the enemy in order to gain a physical advantage

Grab tackle, a controversial tackle method used in Rugby League

Submission wrestling (also submission grappling), formula competitions


Technology and vehicles

Gripper (tool), hook or claw used to grip or hold something

Grapple skidder, a type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation to pull cut trees out of the forest

Grab truck, a truck on the frame of which a grab truck is mounted

Grapple (network layer), a free software package to add multiplayer support to computer games and applications

Capture fixture, on spacecraft or other objects to provide secure connection for robotic arm


Plants and food

Grapple, a trademark of commercially sold grape-flavored Apple

Harpagophytum procumbens (also grapple plant), a plant in the sesame family

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