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John Deere EJECTOR - catalog of spare parts

An ejector is a device in which kinetic energy is transferred from one medium moving at a higher speed to another. The ejector, working according to Bernoulli`s law, creates a reduced pressure of one medium in the narrowing section, which causes suction into the flow of another medium, which is then carried away and removed from the place of suction by the energy of the first medium.

Ejectors are used in jet pumps, such as water jet, liquid-mercury, steam-mercury, steam-oil.

Types of ejectors:

Steam ejector-jet apparatus for sucking gases out of a confined space and maintaining the vacuum. Steam ejectors are used in various fields of technology.

Steam jet ejector-a device that uses the energy of a steam jet to suck liquid, steam or gas out of an enclosed space. The steam coming out of the nozzle at high speed carries the displaced substance through the annular section around the nozzle. It was used on ships for rapid casting of water.

Gas ejector-a device in which the overpressure of high-pressure gases is used to compress low-pressure gases: low-pressure gas enters the mixing chamber due to the fact that a vacuum region is created in it. The rarefaction region is created by the passage of high-pressure gas at high velocity and pressure through the nozzle (tapering section). In the mixing chamber, the two flows are combined and a mixed flow is formed. After passing the mixing chamber, the flow rushes into the diffuser, in which it is inhibited and the pressure increases. At the outlet of the ejector, the mixed flow has a pressure higher than the pressure of the low-pressure gas. The increase in the pressure of low-pressure gas occurs with the expenditure of energy of the flow of high-pressure gas.

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