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John Deere EDGER - catalog of spare parts

An edger or lawn mower is a garden tool, hand-held or motorized,[1] to form clear boundaries between a lawn, usually consisting of grass or other soft Botanical soil, and another feature of the ground surface, such as a paved, concreted, or asphalted area, or a granular material, such as sand or gravel, or simply open soil, such as an unrestricted garden.


There are six main types of lawn mower:


Shovel based on the

The movie is based on

Manual scissors


Adaptive string trimmer

Single wheel purpose-design

Purpose-Multi-wheel design

Purpose designed lawn edgers are more time efficient for long even edges and cord trimmers are more effective for corner edges and around chopping features such as rocks. spade-based, roller-based and adaptable string trimmer designs can all be known as stick trimmers.


Typical situations for lawn mower use are to define clean boundaries and stop grass intrusion, between lawns and paths or gardens in private and public spaces, and between sand traps and greens or fairways on Golf courses.

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