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John Deere CORN HEAD - catalog of spare parts

Combine harvesters can be classified according to several criteria:

constructive execution;

the nature of the reaping part;

functional purpose.

 According to the first sign, harvesters are distinguished:

self-propelled - full-fledged corn-harvesting machines with their own power plant and drive wheels or tracks;

trailed - connected to the tractor through the PTO;

semi-mounted - mounted on combine harvesters in the form of adapters.

 By type of header:



 Depending on the purpose of harvesting - for the sake of grain or the vegetative part:


for harvesting grain.

Features of combines for harvesting corn for grain

The bearing frame of these machines is based on a design resembling a pipe in appearance. It is on it that all the working units of the unit are fastened, driven by both belt and gear transmissions.


The work of the whole mechanism is provided by 4 main types of working bodies:

cutting, solid and non-continuous, as well as rotary;

separating cobs - combing or rolling;

cleaning ears - usually represented as roller elements;

directly grinders - there are drum or rotary.

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