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John Deere CONDITIONER, HAY - catalog of spare parts

Hay conditioner is an agricultural machine that interferes with and crushes recently cut hay to facilitate faster and more even drying. Drying the hay effectively is most important for the first hay of the crop, which consists of coarse stems that take a longer period of time to stretch out moisture than finer textured hay, such as second crop cuts.


The conditioner is made up of two corrugated rollers that the hay is pushed through, causing the stems to separate, thus giving more surface area for moisture to escape. Stand-alone air conditioning is now an outdated piece of equipment since it was included in both haybines and hay conditioners.


Air conditioners come in three main types: rubber roller air conditioners, steel roller and flail. Roller air conditioners consist of two opposing rolls that have a raised, interlocking pattern. Rollers have either a rubber or steel pattern and a steel main shaft. Crop interferes between rollers, reducing drying time. The flail conditioner is the location of steel V on the main shaft, which hit the harvest on top of a hay conditioner. Flail conditioner reduces drying time by removing the wax coating on the crop.

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