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John Deere BACKHOE, LOADER - catalog of spare parts

The backhoe loader has a bucket for material processing in the front and a backhoe (excavator) at the back. Most use two large wheels in the rear of the chassis to drive the car, and two smaller wheels in the front to steer. Options for this basic configuration include powering the front wheels (hydrostatically or mechanically) and using front and rear, all-wheel-drive wheels of the same size. The main advantage of the machine is its ability to travel moderate distances between places of work, excluding the use of a trailer and towing the vehicle in some cases.

Most models have a center pivot design, which means that the excavator mechanism rotates on the center line of the machine. Several models have a "lateral displacement" design, which means that the excavator can be moved around the back of the machine to obtain a more favorable digging position, such as excavation at the base. Some models may also be equipped with a clutch, more often in the front than in the back, allowing the machine to use a variety of work tools.

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