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John Deere AMS - catalog of spare parts

Precision farming systems developed by Deere & Company engineers are designed to increase agricultural efficiency, reduce costs and simplify equipment management. They are scalable and suitable for both a relatively small farm and a large agricultural holding. So, a modern navigator for the tractor will help to recognize the boundaries of the site, and automation systems will reduce the cost of workers. Precision farming equipment has been developed on the basis of modern technical and software solutions and will enable the use of all new or relatively new equipment. Precision farming solutions are available to everyone. Separate equipment, devices and software solutions can be purchased ready-made - on credit, leasing or with full payment. Other systems will require deep refinement to meet the requirements of a particular facility.


If you are interested in a navigator for agricultural machinery or another ready-made device (system), contact one of the Deere & Company dealers. He will help with the choice of technical solution and make sure that it is useful. You can buy a navigator for a tractor, order the development of an integrated system, and take advantage of a ready-made solution on conditions that are convenient for you - with full guarantees.

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