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Caterpillar WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER - catalog of spare parts

Scraper is a type of earthmover. Its main purpose is layer-by-layer cutting of soils, their subsequent transportation and dumping into specially prepared structures. Since during the movement the machine compacts the filled soil layers with wheels, there is no need to use auxiliary equipment that performs the same task.

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Scrapers are used for the development of soil I-III categories - from black soil to clay. It can also be a mountain mass. In this case, use scraper with a coal bucket. Another use is the development of mineral resources for the purpose of mining.

A bucket with a front cutting edge, which is fixed on the frame, is directly involved in the work. With the help of the drawbar, it joins the caterpillar tractor or pneumatic tractor, although there are also self-propelled models.

Falling down, bucket bumps into the ground with a thin front edge. Moving, he alternately cuts it off in thin layers. Thus, the bucket is gradually filled and closed with a special valve. This is followed by the transportation of the soil and its unloading, after which the scraper returns to the place of development.

The optimal way to move the machine is along an elliptical path or a "eight". The operator periodically (at his discretion) reverses the direction of movement. This is done in order to exclude one-sided wear of running gears.