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Caterpillar WHEEL LOADERS - catalog of spare parts

The mini-loader is a tracked or wheeled vehicle that is compact in size and designed for use in confined spaces (on city streets, warehouses, ship decks, in workshops, docks, etc.). Such machines are used to perform a wide range of logistic, utility, agricultural, road and construction tasks. These are loading and unloading, warehousing of goods, cleaning of snow, garbage and leaves, loosening, leveling, digging the soil, etc.

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The frame of the equipment consists of two parts that are articulated to each other by means of hinges. These semi-frames are capable of folding in a horizontal plane, which ensures the maneuverability of the technique. The hinge concept of rotation allows you to minimize the impact on the surface, so that loaders can be used on lawns and other delicate surfaces. Machines are equipped with engines of various capacities, load capacity and other technical characteristics of the equipment also vary.

Wheel loaders are most often used for loading, unloading, road, snow removal, earthmoving, etc. Wheel models differ from tracked vehicles by higher maneuverability.

By way of turning, they are divided into the following types:

Frontal. Such special equipment turns the same way as ordinary cars: due to the front wheels. The difference is that all 4 wheels are leading, and the articulated frame design ensures a minimum turning radius;

With a steer. In these machines, the left and right wheels are driven by separate hydraulic motors and support counter-spinning operation. This provides the ability to rotate technology in almost one place (within its own dimensions).