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Caterpillar WHEEL FELLER BUNCHERS - catalog of spare parts

Feller bunchers are designed to automate the process of logging. With the help of such machines are performed the most complex, dangerous and time-consuming operations. The equipment can be used in various types of cutting:


solid (with or without growth);

caring (for the purpose of thinning).


You can use feller bunchers on soils of various types, including clay, sandy. The relief may have a slight hilly, and the clutter of the area (the presence of fallen trees, windbreaks, etc.) - up to 3-5% of the total number of growing trees.

Choose Caterpillar WHEEL FELLER BUNCHERS model:

The machine can cut down the trees located in front, to the right and to the left of it at the distance of the boom. With the increase of this distance, the overturning moment of the manipulator relative to the axis of rotation of the platform of the vehicle also increases. It is compensated by the holding moment, which is created by the counterweight (by the mass of the machine itself and its elements located on the opposite side of the platform). To ensure good stability and load-carrying capacity, this type of logging machinery is given a considerable weight (about tens of tons).

The following types of packaging machines are distinguished according to the type of running gear:





The most common are tracked vehicles. This technique has a high maneuverability and maneuverability, has proven itself on the roads, in the conditions of which the logging is performed.


In the direction of manipulation of the working equipment there are distinguished feller bunchers of the following types:



full turn;