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Caterpillar WHEEL DOZER - catalog of spare parts

A modern wheel dozer is distinguished by a simple operation scheme. The main working body, controlled from the cab, moves in a vertical or horizontal plane. At the operator`s command, the lower part of the blade of the bulldozer, equipped with a knife, is sunk into the ground or rock. Due to the pushing movement provided by moving the equipment forward, the layer is cut and moved to the desired distance and place.

Choose Caterpillar WHEEL DOZER model:

The bulldozer can have various options of execution. The configuration will determine its size, appearance, as well as key technical characteristics. Selecting a bulldozer for specific purposes, you need to pay special attention to such parameters as:


running gear (tracked, wheeled);

engine power (kW);

operating weight (kg);

dimensions, depth and height of the blade (mm);

dump mass (t).

The American brand Caterpillar is one of the world leaders in the production of powerful and efficient special equipment. Rent and sale of bulldozers of this brand are in great demand: the machines are actively used in different climatic and working conditions. The model range, manufactured under the brand Cat®, includes tracked models of various versions. Among the presented cars you can pick up a small, medium and high-power bulldozer with an optimal dump size and productivity. If necessary, the equipment can be equipped with interchangeable equipment (rippers, reamers, forklifts, slopes).