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Caterpillar TRACK-TYPE SKIDDER - catalog of spare parts

The main purpose of the skidder is to assemble and deliver trunks of trees and logs from the place of their felling to intermediate storage facilities. The latter may include a logging road or an upper warehouse, where the cutting of logs, sorting of timber, stacking and loading into rolling stock of narrow-gauge railways or cars are performed. Skidders perform transportation tasks quickly, efficiently and safely. Along with other machines skidding tractors are widely used for the development of forest and cultivation of cutting areas.

Choose Caterpillar TRACK-TYPE SKIDDER model:

Skidders are represented on the market by a large number of models of imported and Russian production. Each of them has its own unique list of characteristics and advantages. When choosing a machine for forestry, focused on performing specific tasks, it is recommended to build on the following parameters of the skidder:

engine parameters: power and volume, fuel used, number of cylinders, availability of turbo mode;

type of gearbox: mechanical or automatic;

fuel tank volume;

the number of axles and wheel formula;

Cab equipment: GPS, pneumatic seat, fog and extra headlights.