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Caterpillar TRACK-TYPE LOADER - catalog of spare parts

Tracked loaders are inferior to wheel models in maneuverability, but are significantly superior in terms of maneuverability. The chassis distributes the weight of the loader to all the tracks, which allows you to cover a large area and successfully move around an area with difficult terrain and / or loose ground. Tracked special vehicles usually have a greater capacity, and increased range of bucket ejection. Such machines are used mainly for loading, unloading, bulldozer, planning tasks. For example, with their help, you can uproot stumps, pour out the soil, carry out excavation. The disadvantage is that the crawler mini-loader, unlike wheeled counterparts, is not able to move independently over considerable distances. Typically, to move such units attract specialized equipment.

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Caterpillar manufactures mini-loaders, which advantageously combine high performance, reliability and functionality. Wheeled models are versatile and widely used in housing, construction, landscape design. Tracked loaders have exceptional maneuverability, since they are completed with rubber-metal tracks. Cat® specials offer a wide selection of powerful attachments. For example, rotary snow blowers have a working area with width from 170.2 to 215.9 cm and effectively cope with the harvesting of even a large amount of winter precipitation.