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Caterpillar TRACK FELLER BUNCHERS - catalog of spare parts

The feller buncher is a specialized logging equipment designed to cut tree trunks and stack them. Typically, such equipment is used in combination with other special equipment and acts as the initial link in the process of felling. After the feller buncher, a skidder is engaged, which delivers the sawn trunks in packs to the processing site or to the logging road, then the equipment cutting the knots, loading and transport equipment.

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Manufacturers are constantly improving the characteristics of feller bunchers. The most active work is underway to strengthen the working bodies, increase the productivity of equipment, and increase the comfort conditions for the operator (improved cabs).

In appearance, the feller buncher is similar to an excavator, but instead of a bucket it is equipped with a gripping-cutting mechanism. The latter is a sliding switch manipulator with a grip, by means of which the tree is fixed, and a saw for cutting trunks. The basic working units of the feller buncher machinery are also:


the cab, from where the operator controls the machine;

engine and suspension system, providing the movement of technology;

hydraulic system that provides the hydraulic drive;

control system by which commands are given to the machine;

rotary support, etc.

The main working tool VPM is located at the end of the handle. It is a vertical stand, in which tiered and gripping levers are placed in tiers. The cutting mechanism is located at the bottom of the rack.