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Caterpillar ROTARY BLASTHOLE DRILLS - catalog of spare parts

Caterpillar manufactures two types of rotary blasthole drills for opencast mining - rotary and tracked. Thanks to this, any client will be able to choose a Cat® drilling rig that fully meets their requirements.

The operation of drilling rigs can be carried out in a wide range of mining, geological and climatic conditions.

The machines are tracked and able to perform high-performance reliable operation, while ensuring the safety of people and equipment. The use of this technique allows to achieve low cost of mining.

Choose Caterpillar ROTARY BLASTHOLE DRILLS model:

Thanks to the automatic mode of operation, the drilling rig has the ideal operating parameters for maximum cutting tool life, drilling accuracy and reduced total cost of ownership. The reinforced frame design is distinguished by strong cross struts at high load points for maximum machine life, while the box section provides optimum rigidity.

Benefits of Cat Drilling:

Efficient operation of equipment in different climatic conditions and in a wide range of rock strength;

It is possible to drill wells at an angle on flat and inclined areas;

The equipment easily overcomes irregularities and obstacles due to the track;

Opportunity to choose a model for drilling in cramped conditions and in open areas of large quarries.