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Caterpillar PIPELAYER - catalog of spare parts

The classic pipelayer is a self-propelled device based on a tracked tractor. It is intended for moving, laying, laying pipe products of various diameters in the design position, as well as for carrying out the associated loading and unloading operations. Pipelayers are widely used in the oil and gas, municipal and other spheres, on construction sites, transshipment bases. They are easily transported with cargo on unprepared sites, as well as in parts of the pipeline.

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Pipelayer is a type of modular equipment. Its basis is the basic tractor device, which is a combination of the engine, chassis and powertrain to the tracks. Work items are attachments and crane boom. This module includes the power take-off and winch drive mechanisms, the tackles with the load hook, the upper frame and the counterweight with cylinder.

The pipelayer control system includes elements that provide control over the chassis of the unit and its attachments. To ensure stability during the execution of working operations, counterbalanced devices are used, which are moved by means of hydraulic cylinders.

As additional equipment complete with pipelayers, also dumps for trenching and related operations are also used. And some models of the units are used during welding and drilling, when driving piles, and also as tractors.