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Caterpillar MULTI TERRAIN LOADERS - catalog of spare parts

Compact tracked loaders and their off-road cousins-loaders are lightweight, maneuverable machines that provide exceptional stability when working in difficult terrain. Think of them as crawler-mounted mini loaders with caterpillars that provide the advantage of flotation. The main difference between them lies in the design of the chassis. Chassis MTL allows you to use it on more delicate surfaces when working with lighter weights.


Caterpillar®, the world`s leading developer of heavy machinery for nearly a century, manufactures the most reliable, hard-working compact track loaders and loaders for any terrain on the planet. They are designed for the quick and effective passage of the most difficult conditions under your feet. As an authorized Cat® equipment dealer in Nebraska and Potawattami, Iowa, NMC Cat is the only headquarters in the region to produce the latest, very best CTL and MTL that come off the Caterpillar conveyor.

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