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Caterpillar MOTOR GRADER - catalog of spare parts

Grader is a trailed or self-propelled machine for planning and profiling of areas and slopes, leveling and moving soil, snow or loose building materials. Motor graders are also called motor graders. The motor grader blade is mechanically or hydraulically controlled, driven by the engine.

All the functions of the grader are performed using a special working body - a blade with a knife, which is mounted on the machine frame. It can be raised, lowered, rotated in the horizontal and vertical plane.

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Grader is a productive special equipment capable of efficiently and quickly performing a wide range of earthworks, construction and transportation tasks. Such machines are actively used in the construction and maintenance of roads and airfields. With the help of graders carry out the planning and profiling of areas and slopes, layer-by-layer leveling of the soil and other bases. They are also indispensable for creating curbs, dredging and embankments, cleaning areas from snow and building materials. The grader is an excellent assistant in the construction of railway, hydraulic, irrigation, land reclamation and other structures.

The motor grader includes a main part equipped with a cab and a chassis, and a work unit attached by a hinge mechanism. The main functions of the motor graders are performed using a blade with a knife, which is fixed on the frame of the machine. It is made of sheet steel and has a radius bend. The operation of this element is carried out in this way: the operator, using the control panel in the cab of the motor grader, lowers, raises or turns the blade. The movement of cargo is carried out with the help of a pusher action created by the movement of equipment with the placement of the blade in the lower position. If necessary, the grader (grader) can be equipped with additional equipment. For example, a kirkovschikom, slope, extension of the blade or a snowplow. The work of graders and motor graders takes place at low speeds (up to 3-4.5 km / h). Driving on roads can be carried out at 30–45 km / h.



Motor grader today is available in dozens of options. Each grader has a number of distinctive features in terms of design, equipment and working capabilities. The main criteria for selecting graders are such technical characteristics as:


power plant power (kW);

gross weight (t);

grip width (mm);

cutting (inclination) and cutting angles;

working and transport speeds (km / h);

length of the grader blade (mm);

control type (mechanical, combined, hydraulic).

Grader Cat 24M


Caterpillar graders

Today, sale and rental of motor graders is in great demand. And one of the world market leaders in this segment is the American company Caterpillar. The brand line allows you to choose a powerful, productive and reliable grader. Cat® equipment has a different configuration, effectively and quickly coping with the excavation of any complexity. Each grader is adapted for operation in a harsh climate and is equipped with an advanced automation system.