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Caterpillar LOAD, HAUL, DUMP - catalog of spare parts

The Cat Underground Loader is capable of performing the most labor-intensive work in mining operations. Thanks to the compact and robust design and ease of maintenance, excellent performance, long service life and low operating costs are ensured. The design provides high performance, comfortable working conditions of the driver and a long service life.

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Frontal loaders can be considered one of the most popular types of equipment for mining. Due to the high maneuverability and versatility of their popularity among the miners is growing from year to year. In addition to the usual working operations, such as loading rocks into mining dump trucks, the machines can perform other auxiliary works.


Mining loaders are designed on the basis of a wheeled chassis with equal wheels and a 4x4 wheel formula. The engine compartment is located at the rear of the machine and serves as a counterweight. Work equipment is installed in the front of the machine. Also in the design are used: various types of transmissions - hydrostatic, hydromechanical; rigid or articulated frames; drive axles with differential lock system and other elements. In the mining industry, modern loaders with powerful engines (over 150 kW) equipped with electronic fuel injection systems that meet the requirements of environmental safety are used. All conditions for safety and comfort of the operator are provided in cars - noise isolation, seats with adjustment, a heating system and others. The cab design complies with ISO 3471 and SAE J1040c standards on ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure = Rollover Protection) and ISO 3449 standards on FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure = Falling Object Protection). The cabin has good thermal insulation. Mining trucks can be equipped with different tires, depending on the conditions and intensity of operation.


Now the largest foreign manufacturers dominate the loader market with a bucket capacity of over 3 m3, while the segment of machines with bucket capacity of up to 3 m3 is occupied mainly by Chinese and Russian brands. This is mainly due to the fact that cars with a bucket over 3 m3 are usually involved in quarries and in the ore yards - in industries where machine productivity and the whole economy of their operation are easily calculated. Requirements for the reliability of machines in the mining industry are significantly higher than in construction or in the utilities sector (where smaller loaders are usually used). The most demanding in terms of reliability are the quarries where the front loader is one of the links in a single chain, i.e. its unplanned downtime is not allowed.