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Caterpillar INTEGRATED TOOLCARRIER - catalog of spare parts

High-powered Cat® integrated tool carrier set industry standards for optimizing productivity, reducing downtime, increasing operator comfort and protecting workplace personnel with safety features.

High-capacity Cat wheel loaders and tool carriers offer comprehensive durability for maximum technical readiness over several lifetimes. Our machines are characterized by improved performance, ease of maintenance and can improve the performance and safety of work on the movement of material at lower unit costs per ton.

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Introduced in 1990, the car became the leader in sales in its size class and has remained for more than 25 years. Caterpillar actively seeks to help customers achieve success, so the company`s engineers create new cars based on the traditional advantages of our technology, such as reliability, safety, operator comfort, ease of maintenance and sustainable development.

Multifunctional full-format equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of work thanks to a variety of attachments that can be replaced in 30 seconds. The catalog contains several models of such front-end loaders, all of them are highly reliable and capable of operating 24/7.