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Caterpillar ENGINEER SUPPORT TRACTOR - catalog of spare parts

In 1987, Caterpillar introduced the Caterpillar 30/30, a revolutionary new tracked tractor capable of moving at a speed of more than 50 km per hour. The Caterpillar 30/30 Engineering Auxiliary Tractor (EST) is designed primarily for military use, it has an exclusive suspension system that allows it to operate at high speeds across all types of terrain.


The Caterpillar 30/30 technical support tractor is equipped with a Power Angle Tilt knife (PAT). It is driven from the front cockpit, which provides excellent visibility ahead when the Caterpillar 30/30 drives along the road and works on the site. Automotive controls increase its efficiency and reduce the requirements for specialized training.


When the Caterpillar 30/30 is in 179 kW driving mode, the tractor`s chassis is completely suspended, and its dozer blade is locked in the raised position, and its fully automatic gearbox under load develops a maximum speed of 54 km / h.


Caterpillar 30/30 switches to 127 kW operation mode with a click

a switch that locks the suspension system activates the dozer blade

manages and converts transmission in three forward / two reverse travels

change of power.


The Caterpillar 30/30 15.5 t tractor with rapid deployment is equipped with a 179 kW Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine. Other key 30/30 design features include: 1.2 m waterproofing ability, low noise level and full breathability suitable for the Lockheed Hercules C130 aircraft.


During the 1988 Caterpillar Power Parade at the Edwards demonstration site near Peoria, a support tractor engineer Caterpillar 30/30 was first shown to the general public:

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