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Caterpillar ENGINE - TRUCK - catalog of spare parts

Caterpillar is the world`s leading manufacturer of diesel and gas piston engines (more than 75 years on the market), which are used in power generating sets, in oil production and drilling, on trucks and buses, ships and yachts, as well as in many other machines and mechanisms. Cat® engines have all the trademark features: durability, reliability, efficiency, high performance. The newest technologies used for their production provide the minimum values ​​of fuel consumption and exhaust to the atmosphere. Caterpillar has the necessary production capacity to test and control the quality of products manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications of customers.

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Caterpillar is a manufacturer of diversified industrial equipment and technology with a worldwide reputation. Since 1883, the company continuously sets new standards of quality and pushes technological progress forward. The company offers the widest selection of Caterpillar engines with a power of 95 hp and more. up to 8180 hp Innovative control systems provide extremely efficient operation with an excellent degree of efficiency and flexibility of use. Cat engines have a wide range of applications in industrial production, agriculture and forestry, in mining, drilling, construction and energy, and they also have impressive performance and power that enable long journeys of huge ships and the uninterrupted operation of data centers companies. The Cat brand is the cornerstone of Caterpillar. Cat products are built to the highest quality criteria, with unmatched reliability and durability. A network of more than 1,800 Cat dealerships, original parts and professional service are available at any time and in any place, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of each Caterpillar engine.