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Caterpillar ENGINE - GENERATOR SET - catalog of spare parts

A caterpillar generator is an electrical machine for converting electrical energy from one form to another, or, in some cases, functioning as a conductor of electrical energy that does not produce this transformation in the end.

For example:

the conversion of direct electric current into alternating, usually higher voltage;

receiving direct current from alternating current for special cases (power supply of welding equipment, some models of old electric locomotives);

power transmission between power grids of different frequencies (50 and 60 Hz, railways with low-frequency alternating current).

conversion of single-phase current into three-phase.

Most often it is an electric motor connected by a shaft to an electric generator. Additional devices are also introduced into the design to stabilize the output voltage and frequency.

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Caterpillar is the world leader in generating sets and offers the widest range. If you need a diesel generator set with a capacity of from 6 to 14040 ekW (from 7.5 to 17550 kVA), feel free to choose our diesel generators: they are designed in accordance with international standards, are highly efficient, low fuel consumption and meet international emission requirements pollutants. Cat® diesel generator sets come in a variety of versions to meet your electrical needs, so it`s so easy to choose the right equipment for your application and install it.

In either mode, Cat commercial and industrial diesel generator sets provide reliable, cost-effective power delivery — even under the toughest conditions. Each Cat diesel generator set is designed, engineered and manufactured for optimum performance. All basic elements of the installation pass separate tests; After assembly, the safety and operation of the entire installation is checked at 100% nominal and superior load.

Cat generator sets offer a significant advantage over other manufacturers` equipment: support and comprehensive service from your local Cat® dealer. Starting with fast delivery and throughout the life of the generator set.