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Caterpillar BACKHOE LOADERS - catalog of spare parts

Backhoe loaders, also known as loaders, are specialized construction equipment on the basis of a tractor (usually a full drive), equipped with a bucket or a back shovel and a loading boom with a bucket or a dump installed in the front part. This equipment is characterized by relatively small dimensions, which makes it versatile and allows to use in the widest range of repair, construction and other ground works in the widest range. Such special equipment is used in the execution of earthworks and small workloads for the construction of cottages, cottages and other small objects.

Thanks to the possibility of installing various attachments on the excavator, this construction machinery has a high degree of universality. This allows utilities to successfully exploit cars of this class in construction and repair works of the carriageway, for digging trenches when laying cables and pipes, in repair and construction works of bridges and dams, during digging foundations for foundations and other assembly and dismantling works.

Equipped with a hydraulic wheel with pile and snow-removing dump, the excavator-loader effectively performs work on sweeping roads and sidewalks in the warmer years of the year and clearing them from snow in the winter.

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