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Caterpillar BACKHOE LOADER - catalog of spare parts

Backhoe loader is a type of road construction equipment. This is a universal machine designed for digging soils, lifting heavy loads and their subsequent transportation, planning sites for construction, cleaning the territory, digging trenches. It is indispensable when clearing land from tree trunks and shrubs, in the process of laying sewer or gas pipes, snow removal. A backhoe loader is a vivid example of an integrated action mechanism that allows saving not only funds, but also human resources in a construction company or another. Its advantages include high mobility, versatility and ease of use.

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Backhoe loader owes its versatility to the presence of a roomy bucket and its maneuverability. This is the main working body of the machine, which, in turn, can be excavator or maxillary. The first is used in practice as a front blade and a loading bucket, and the second not only performs these two functions, but is also used as a lift, grab and scraper.

Possibilities of the excavator loader can be expanded considerably due to installation of the hinged equipment. These are various volumes and shapes of buckets, drilling rigs, hydraulic hammers, pallet forks, sweepers, grapples, snow removal piles. In modern road construction machines, telematics systems are additionally used, which transmit real-time information about current technical characteristics and equipment location.