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Caterpillar ASPHALT PAVERS - catalog of spare parts

Asphalt pavers are designed to perform a uniform laying of fresh asphalt concrete pavement on a specially prepared base. Modern road-building equipment of this type should ensure a high-quality uniform distribution of the working mixture over the entire asphalt strip and prevent the material from splitting. When laying the mixture, the machine controls the required thickness of the coating and ensures its preliminary compaction.

Wheeled pavers are less common than tracked, but have several advantages that make their use in certain conditions very effective. The high maneuverability of such machines and the ability to develop a significantly higher transportation speed than that of tracked pavers make them indispensable for performing road construction works in the cramped conditions of city streets.

Caterpillar offers a wide range of asphalt-concrete-laying machinery, which is the market leader in wheeled vehicles with rubber tires, cars with steel and rubber track laying. Pavers and loose material collectors are a versatile, reliable paving solution.

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