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Caterpillar ASPHALT PAVER - catalog of spare parts

Pavers have a complex structure that combines the main part (self-propelled chassis and cab) and the work unit. At the same time, they simultaneously perform several operations at once: laying asphalt, its distribution, pre-compaction and leveling. The advantages of using pavers include the high speed of pavement construction and a significant reduction in project costs. Also, their use allows to improve the quality of the finished coating. The road lanes created by pavers have a flat surface, the thickness that is the same along the entire length and the exact width.

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Pavers today are represented on the market by dozens of models. Each of them has a set of unique characteristics and technical features. The technique is different in appearance, design, level of equipment and much more. However, choosing a paver for a particular type of work, it is important to consider the following parameters:


type of running (tracked, wheel);

asphalt laying width;

thickness of the created layer;


laying speed;

receiving the mixture (bunker, bunker);

the volume of the receiving bunker;

engine power;

vehicle speed;

method of heating the smoothing plate (electric, gas);

weight and dimensions of technology.


When creating pavements, the paver works in conjunction with dump trucks and rollers. The first serves asphalt mix, the second perform the final tamping and alignment of the canvas. The paver, in turn, performs a series of sequential operations. First, the machine takes in the hopper hot working mixture delivered to the site by freight vehicles. Then the mass with the help of special mechanisms, called feeders, is moved into the auger chamber. Paver augers spread the mixture on the base surface over a given width and ensure its uniform distribution. A special unit consisting of smoothing plates, tamping bars and vibrators, performs pre-alignment and compaction of the coating.

The work of the modern paver is controlled by a special electronic system. It provides full automation of the processes of feeding, laying and distribution of material. Also in the equipment of this technology includes several sensors responsible: for controlling the supply of asphalt concrete mixture to the auger, the angle of inclination of the leveling plate on the horizon, compliance with the thickness of the created layer to the specified parameters.

The paver is controlled by an operator who must be trained. In the process of performing road works, it is located on a special platform (open or covered with a sun-awning) or in an equipped cabin.