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Caterpillar ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK - catalog of spare parts

Mining dump truck is a self-unloading truck designed for transportation of bulk, bulk and other goods in difficult off-road conditions. The technique is used primarily in the field of mining, in particular - in open pits. Also, these dump trucks are widely used in the construction of large-scale hydraulic or industrial facilities, in the creation of road-trunk complexes, in processing plants and in other cases.

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The modern type dump truck has an articulated frame, which has great mobility and good maneuverability. The chassis includes a chassis with two axles equipped with full or front wheel drive. The power unit is often hybrid. It is based on a diesel engine that runs on an alternator. Also, an auxiliary device ensures the operation of electric motors, which impart rotation to the wheels. Off-road dump truck brakes are combined - hydraulics with electric motors. The body lift is provided by a hydraulic system, which is controlled from the cab.

Large size and weight also identified another feature of the mining truck - electric motors are used as power steering. They allow the driver to provide ideal smoothness and softness of maneuvers during cornering. Such dump trucks demonstrate the maximum level of performance when working in tandem with mining excavators, which, due to the volume buckets, can quickly fill the body.

Dump trucks have enormous size and weight. For this reason, they cannot travel on public roads. The equipment is delivered to the site of operation by parts, after which it is assembled directly in the quarry or on the territory of the enterprise. The main advantages of this type of dump trucks are:

the ability to transport at one time up to 500 tons of cargo,

moving at a speed of 60 km / h, taking into account the impressive dimensions,

the ability to pass through hard to reach places.